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Table 1 International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC) codes, selected for inclusion

From: Determinants of the clinical course of musculoskeletal complaints in general practice: design of a cohort study

L01 Neck Symptoms/Complaints
L08 Shoulder Symptoms/Complaints
L09 Arm Symptoms/Complaints
L10 Elbow Symptoms/Complaints
L11 Wrist Symptoms/Complaints
L12 Hand/Finger Symptoms/Complaints
L13 Hip Symptoms/Complaints
L14 Leg/Thigh Symptoms/Complaints
L15 Knee Symptoms/Complaints
L16 Ankle Symptoms/Complaints
L17 Foot/Toe Symptoms/Complaints
L18 Muscle Pain/Fibrositis
L19 Other Symptoms, Multiple/Unspecified Muscle
L20 Symptoms Multiple/Unspecified Joints
L28 Disability/Impairment
L29 Other & Multiple Musculoskeletal Symptoms
L77 Sprain Of Ankle/Foot
L78 Sprains/Strains of Knees
L79 Sprains/Strains Other Joints
L80 Dislocations
L81 Other Injury Musculoskeletal
L83 Syndrome Of Cervical Spine
L84 Osteoarthritis Spine
L85 Acquired Deformities Of Spine
L87 Ganglion Joint/Tendon
L88 Rheumatoid Arthritis
L89 Osteoarthritis Hip
L90 Osteoarthritis Knee
L91 Other Osteoarthritis
L92 Shoulder Syndrome
L93 Tennis Elbow
L94 Osgood-Schlatter, Osteochondritis
L95 Osteoporosis
L96 Acute Meniscus/Ligament Knee
L97 Chronic Internal Knee Derangement
L98 Acquired Deformities Limbs
L99 Other Musculoskeletal/Connective Disorder
N93 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome