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Table 2 Scores achieved for quality appraisal items

From: The postural effects of load carriage on young people – a systematic review

Quality appraisal item Number of papers which fulfilled the criteria (maximum = 7)
1. Clearly stated aims a–g
2. Appropriateness of design to meet the aims b–e
3. Adequate specifications of subject group given b
4. Justification of sample size b
5. Likelihood of reliable and valid measurements b
6. Sensitivity of outcome tool a,b
7. Adequate description of statistical methods a,b,d,f,g
8. Adequate description of the data a–g
9. Consistency in the number of subjects reported throughout the paper a–c,e–g
10. Assessment of statistical significance a–g
11. Attention to potential biases  
12. Meaningful main findings a–g
13. Interpretation of null findings a,b,d–g
14. Interpretation of important effects a–d,f,g
15. Comparison of results with previous reports a–g
16. Implications in real life b
  1. a refers to Chansirinukor et al (2001); b refers to Grimmer et al (2002) c refers to Hong and Brueggemann (2000); d refers to Hong and Cheung (2003); e refers to Kennedy et al (1999); f refers to Pascoe et al (1997); g refers to Wong and Hong (1997).