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Table 2 The 11 items tested but not included. SRM (standardized response mean) and mean relevance are given for each question.

From: Hip disability and osteoarthritis outcome score (HOOS) – validity and responsiveness in total hip replacement

  Items not included Mean Relevance SRM KOOS Item nr
P2 Pain twisting/pivoting on loaded leg? 2.5 1.0 P2
P10 Sharp twinges in your hip? 2.3 1.6 *
  Other Symptoms    
S1 Do you have swelling in your hip? 0.4 0.5 S1
S3 Does your hip catch or hang up when moving? 0.8 0.7 S3
S4 Can you straighten your hip fully? 2.3 0.8 S4
S5 Can you bend your hip fully? 2.4 0.9 S5
S8 Have you experienced weakness in your leg? 2.6 0.9  
A19 Cutting toenails? 2.3 0.8 *
SP3 Difficulty jumping? 2.3 0.7 SP3
SP5 Difficulty kneeling? 2.3 1.1 SP5
  Hip related QOL    
Q5 Can you cope with your hip problems? 2.3 1.6 *
  1. * these items were constructed by one of the authors (MK)