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Table 1 The 40 HOOS items arranged in the five subscales Pain, Symptoms, Activities of Daily Living, Sport and Recreation Function and Hip Related Quality of Life. The corresponding WOMAC item numbers and KOOS item numbers are declared as well as SRM (standardized response mean) and mean relevance of each question. * these items were constructed by one of the authors (MK)

From: Hip disability and osteoarthritis outcome score (HOOS) – validity and responsiveness in total hip replacement

HOOS Item nr HOOS 2.0 Mean Relevance SRM WOMAC item, nr KOOS Item, nr
P1 How often do you experience hip pain? 2.6 1.7   P1
P3 Pain straightening hip fully? 3.0 1.8   P3
P4 Pain bending hip fully? 2.3 1.8   P4
P5 Walking on a flat surface? 2.7 1.4 P1 P5
P6 Going up or down stairs? 2.0 1.6 P2 P6
P7 At night while in bed? 2.7 1.5 P3 P7
P8 Sitting or lying? 2.7 1.2 P4 P8
P9 Standing upright? 2.3 1.2 P5 P9
P11 Walking on hard surface, ex. Asphalt, concrete? 2.3 1.6   *
P12 Walking on uneven ground? 3.0 1.5   
S2 Do you feel grinding, hear clicking or any other type of noise when your hip moves? 2.2 1.0   S2
S6 Severity of stiffness after first wakening in the morning? 2.5 1.1 S1 S6
S7 Severity of stiffness after sitting/lying/resting later in the day? 2.7 1.2 S2 S7
S10 Difficulty spreading your legs? 1.7 1.4   *
S11 Difficulty walking with long strides? 2.3 1.3   *
A1 Descending stairs? 2.3 1.5 A1 A1
A2 Ascending stairs? 2.3 1.5 A2 A2
A3 Rising from sitting? 2.7 1.3 A3 A3
A4 Standing? 2.3 1.5 A4 A4
A5 Bending to floor/pick up an object? 2.3 1.2 A5 A5
A6 Walking on flat surface? 2.0 1.2 A6 A6
A7 Getting in/out of car? 2.7 1.5 A7 A7
A8 Going shopping? 2.0 1.3 A8 A8
A9 Putting on socks/stockings? 2.7 1.2 A9 A9
A10 Rising from bed? 2.3 1.1 A10 A10
A11 Taking off socks/stockings? 2.0 0.9 A11 A11
A12 Lying in bed? 2.0 1.3 A12 A12
A13 Getting in/out of bath/shower? 1.3 0.9 A13 A13
A14 Sitting? 1.7 1.1 A14 A14
A15 Getting on/off toilet? 1.7 1.3 A15 A15
A16 With heavy domestic duties? 2.3 1.2 A16 A16
A17 With light domestic duties? 2.0 1.0 A17 A17
SP1 Difficulty squatting? 2.7 1.0   SP1
SP2 Difficulty running? 3.0 0.8   SP2
SP4 Difficulty twisting/pivoting on loaded leg? 2.7 1.5   SP4
SP6 Difficulty walking on uneven ground? 2.3 1.1   *
  Hip Related QOL     
Q1 How often are you aware of your hip problems? 3.0 1.3   Q1
Q2 Have you modified your lifestyle to avoid potentially damaging activities to your hip? 3.0 1.0   Q2
Q3 How much are you troubled with lack of confidence in your hip? 2.7 1.3   Q3
Q4 In general, how much difficulty do you have with your hip? 2.7 1.7   Q4