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Table 2 Correlations between CTX-II a and Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) at baseline, follow-up and change from baseline to follow-up

From: Relationship between CTX-II and patient characteristics, patient-reported outcome, muscle strength, and rehabilitation in patients with a focal cartilage lesion of the knee: a prospective exploratory cohort study of 48 patients

  Baseline CTX-II vs. baseline KOOS (n = 48) Follow-up CTX-II vs. follow-up KOOS (n = 44) ΔbCTX-II vs. ΔbKOOS (n = 44)
  rc pd rc pd rc pd
KOOS Pain -0.093 ns 0.091 ns 0.078 ns
KOOS Symptoms -0.140 ns 0.082 ns 0.251 ns
KOOS ADLe -0.190 ns 0.124 ns 0.058 ns
KOOS Sport/Rec -0.161 ns 0.199 ns -0.077 ns
KOOS QoLf -0.088 ns 0.060 ns -0.114 ns
  1. aLog transformed values; bΔ, change from baseline to follow-up; cr, Pearson correlation coefficient; dp, level of significance; ns, not significant; eADL, Activity of Daily Living; fQoL, Quality of Life.