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Table 1 Trial recruitment sites

From: Maintained physical activity and physiotherapy in the management of distal upper limb pain – a protocol for a randomised controlled trial (the arm pain trial)

Centre First patient randomised Last patient randomised
Aberdeen 03-Feb-12 04-Feb-14
Southampton 20-Feb-12 29-Apr-13
Brighton 16-Mar-12 07-Feb-14
Sussex 17-Aug-12 27-Dec-13
Stockport 13-Sep-12 23-Jan-14
Newcastle 27-Nov-12 14-Jan-14
Southend 03-Dec-12 19-Nov-13
King’s college 01-Feb-13 28-Jan-14
Wigan 11-Feb-13 10-Feb-14
Huddersfield 14-Feb-13 23-Jan-14
Leicester 14-Mar-13 28-Nov-13
Birmingham 28-Mar-13 06-Jan-14
Bath 08-May-13 18-Feb-14
St Helens 16-May-13 08-Oct-13