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Table 3 Data collection and outcome measures

From: Rationale and design of the INNOVATE Trial: an international cooperative study on surgical versus conservative treatment for odontoid fractures in the elderly

  Baseline Immediately after start of treatment Weeks of follow-up
6 12 26 52 104
General status and fracture assessment X       
Demographic data X   X X X X X
NDI, MDI, VAS neck pain, SF-36, EQ-5D X X* X X X X X
DS14, IPQ-K, Likert    X X X X X
Complications of surgery   X** X** X** X** X** X**
Secondary surgery    X** X** X** X** X**
Dynamic X-ray      X X X
CT-Cervical spine X    X X** X  
  1. *In case of surgical treatment only.
  2. **When indicated.