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Table 5 Outcome measures

From: Efficacy of a physiotherapy rehabilitation program for individuals undergoing arthroscopic management of femoroacetabular impingement – the FAIR trial: a randomised controlled trial protocol

Primary outcome measures Data collection instrument Collection points†
Health-related quality of life iHOT-33 0, 14, 24 weeks
Function in sport Sport subscale of HOS 0, 14, 24 weeks
Secondary outcome measures   
Symptoms, pain, function in daily living and sport, participation in physical activities hip/groin-related quality of life HAGOS 0, 14, 24 weeks
Physical function Activities of daily living subscale of HOS 0, 14, 24 weeks
Activity level Modified Tegner Activity Scale 0, 14, 24 weeks
Sport participation Heidelberg Sports Activity Scale 0, 14, 24 weeks
Global rating of overall change Perceived overall change in hip/groin symptoms compared to baseline – 7 point ordinal scale 14, 24 weeks
Other measures   
Patient demographics, past treatment Questionnaire 0 weeks
Surgical procedure Post-surgery letter from surgeon to referring doctor Following surgery
Adverse events Patient logbook, questionnaire 14 weeks
Other treatments/co-interventions Questionnaire 14, 24 weeks
Physiotherapy session attendance Therapist treatment records During intervention
Medication use Questionnaire 14 weeks
Home/gym program adherence Participant log book – number of days/times completed Daily during intervention
Self-rated using 11-point numeric rating scale 14 weeks
  1. iHOT-33= International Hip Outcome Tool.
  2. HOS=Hip Outcome Score.
  3. HAGOS=Copenhagen Hip and Groin Outcome Score.
  4. † 0=baseline 2 weeks pre operatively; 14 and 24 weeks are timed from the date of surgery.