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Table 2 Home exercises

From: Efficacy of a physiotherapy rehabilitation program for individuals undergoing arthroscopic management of femoroacetabular impingement – the FAIR trial: a randomised controlled trial protocol

Home exercises Aim Description Timeframes Dosage
Deep hip rotator muscle retraining (see Additional file 1) Optimise hip neuromuscular control and improve dynamic stability of the hip Seven stages progressing through prone, four-point-kneel and dynamic standing positions, with and without additional resistance. Pre-op to session 7 1 minute, 3–6 times per day
Anterior hip stretch Assist in regaining full hip extension range of movement Supine in modified Thomas Test position with the affected leg over the side of the bed. The hip is extended until a stretch is felt at the front of the hip Session 2 - 4 5 minutes daily
Hip flexion/extension in four-point kneel – “pendulum” exercise Prevent adhesions, especially in those with labral repair Four point kneel with gentle pendular swing of the affected leg into hip flexion and extension as far as comfortable Session 2- 5 1 minute daily
Posterior capsule stretch   Lying on unaffected side with the affected hip as close to 90 degrees flexion as comfortable and affected leg over the side of the bed. Session 3 – 7 (or session 4 – 7 if microfracture present) 3 × 30 seconds