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Table 1 The physiotherapy intervention – manual therapy techniques

From: Efficacy of a physiotherapy rehabilitation program for individuals undergoing arthroscopic management of femoroacetabular impingement – the FAIR trial: a randomised controlled trial protocol

Manual Therapy Techniques Aim Description Timeframes Dosage
Mandatory technique:
Trigger point massage of rectus femoris, adductors, tensor fascia latae/gluteus medius/gluteus minimus and pectineus muscles and associated fascia To address soft tissue restrictions with the aim of reducing pain and improving hip range of movement Sustained pressure trigger point release with the muscle on stretch. In general, mobilise restrictions laterally to the line of tension of the muscle being treated Session 2-7 30-60 seconds per trigger point
Optional technique:
Lumbar spine mobilisation, if indicated by lumbar spine physiotherapy assessment To improve mobility and pain-free movement of the lumbar spine to assist with hip function Unilateral postero-anterior accessory glides, Grade III or IV Session 3-12 3-5 sets of 30–60 seconds
  1. The treatment program is semi-structured, and includes a number of mandatory components plus some optional components. Individual program progression will be guided by assessment findings and the nature of the surgical procedure.