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Table 3 Multivariable logistic regression analysis regarding influencing factors of suffering from chronic back pain in the last 12 months (=1) or not (=0)

From: Prevalence and influencing factors of chronic back pain among staff at special schools with multiple and severely handicapped children in Germany: results of a cross-sectional study

  Multivariable logistic regression analysis (n = 362)
Sociodemographic factors aOR (95%-CI)a
Age (continuous) 1.03 (1.00-1.05)
Health-related factors  
Current smoker  
 Yes 2.31 (1.27-4.23)
 Not anymore 1.13 (0.66-1.95)
 Never smoked (Reference)
Ever had a diagnosed depression/depressive mood  
 Yes 1.85 (1.12-3.06)
 No (Reference)
Work-related exposures  
Carrying and lifting heavy loads (> 20 kg)  
 Frequently 2.69 (1.53-4.75)
 Sometimes 1.26 (0.68-2.34)
 Rarely/Never (Reference)
Exposure to environmental impacts  
 Frequently 2.18 (1.26-3.76)
 Sometimes 1.76 (0.98-3.13)
 Rarely/Never (Reference)
  1. aaOR: Odds ratio adjusted for sex and all other variables in the Table. 95%-CI: 95%-Confidence interval.