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Table 2 Secondary outcome measures for the RCT

From: Fostering autonomous motivation, physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness in rheumatoid arthritis: protocol and rationale for a randomised control trial

Outcome Measure
Physical activity related
Physical activity adherence Attendance
Physical activity (self-report) International Physical Activity Questionnaire [50]
Physical activity (objective) Actigraph GT3X
Autonomy support (fitness instructor) Health Care Climate Questionnaire [42]
Autonomy support (important others & PA advisor) Important Other Care Climate Questionnaire [51]
Need satisfaction Need Satisfaction in Exercise Questionnaire [52]
Motivational regulations Behavioural Regulations in Exercise Questionnaire-2 [53]
Health related
Acute phase response Routine laboratory assessments (i.e., C-Reactive Protein)
Disease activity Disease Activity Score 28 [54]
Quality of life EQ-5D-3L [55]
Anxiety & depression Hospital Anxiety and Depressions Scale [56]
Well-being Subjective Vitality Scale [57]
Fatigue Multidimensional Assessment of Fatigue Scale [58]
Physical function Stanford Health Assessment Questionnaire (Kirwan & Reeback) [59]
Pain McGill Pain Questionnaire [60]
Economic costing
Changes in capability ICECAP-A [61, 62]
Quality-adjusted life-years EQ-5D-3L [55, 63]