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Figure 7

From: Activation of intervertebral disc cells by co-culture with notochordal cells, conditioned medium and hypoxia

Figure 7

Relative gene expression of bovine NPC in co-culture of bovine NC in 3D alginate microspheres after 14 days of culture in normoxic (in blue) and hypoxic (in brown) conditions. A. Aggrecan (ACAN) expression, B. Collagen type 2 (col2) expression, C. CD24 expression. *Indicates p < 0.05. Gene expression is given relative to the pure NPC without FCS and in normoxia (NO) at 14 days, CoC = co-culture with NC, FCS = 7 days pre-culture in medium containing 10% fetal calf serum (mean ± SEM, N = 4 co-culture repeats).

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