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Table 1 Timeline for the schedule of enrolment, interventions, and assessments

From: Efficacy of the addition of interferential current to Pilates method in patients with low back pain: a protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Outcomes Enrolment Before randomization Intervention period (6 weeks) 6-week follow-up after randomization 6-month follow-up after randomization
Eligibility criteria X     
Demographic data X     
Informed consent X     
Primary outcomes
 Pain intensity   X   X  
 PPT   X   X  
 Disability   X   X  
Secondary outcomes
 Pain intensity      X
 Disability      X
 GPE   X   X X
 Specific disability   X   X X
 Kinesiophobia   X   X X
 Active IC + Pilates    X   
 Sham IC + Pilates    X   
  1. PPT: Pressure pain threshold; GPE: Global perceived effect; IC: Interferential current.