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Table 2 Information on the SNPs analyzed in this study

From: Analysis of association of MEF2C, SOST and JAG1 genes with bone mineral density in Mexican-Mestizo postmenopausal women

Gene SNP Allele Position Location in the gene
MEF2C rs1366594 C/A 5:88376061 Intergenic
SOST rs9911277 G/A 17:41780484 Intergenic
rs4793018 C/T 17:41781069 Intergenic
rs1983490 G/A 17:41782957 Intergenic
rs1881107 A/G 17:41786076 Intergenic
rs4792909 G/T 17:41798824 Intergenic
JAG1 rs2273061 A/G 20:10639543 Intron variant
rs6040061 A/C 20:10640306 Intron variant
rs2235811 C/T 20:10644158 Intron variant