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Table 2 Summary of measures

From: Movement coaching: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial evaluating effects on physical activity and participation in low back pain patients

  Instrument Time of measurement1
Primary outcome measure
Physical Activity GPAQ [30, 31] T1, T2, T3
  Actigraph T2 (20 persons)
Secondary outcome measures
Subjective prognosis of employment SPE-Scale [32] T1, T2, T3
Participation IMET [33] T1, T2, T3
Person-related variables
Age, sex, height, weight, Unstandardized questionnaire T1
Education level Unstandardized questionnaire T1
Health Related Quality of Life EQ-5D-5 L T1, T2, T3
Physical activity related variables
Barriers of PA [34] (modified) T2, T3
Perceived consequences of PA [35] T2, T3
Support of family and friends Fuchs (modified) T2, T3
Indication-specific variables
Activities of daily living FFbH-R [36] T1, T2, T3
Pain SF-36, NRS T1, T2, T3
Disease duration Unstandardized questionnaire T1
Complications Unstandardized questionnaire T2, T3
Healthcare utilization Unstandardized questionnaire T2, T3
Work-related variables
Period of sick listing Unstandardized questionnaire T1, T2, T3
Subjective workability Unstandardized questionnaire T1, T2, T3
Pension claim Unstandardized questionnaire T1, T2, T3
  1. 1T1 = start of inpatient rehabilitation; T2 = six months follow-up; T3 = twelve months follow-up.