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Table 2 The effect of mechanical stimulation on mRNA expression compared with unstimulated controls

From: Enhanced collagen type I synthesis by human tenocytes subjected to periodic in vitro mechanical stimulation

Group Collagen type I Collagen type III Scleraxis-A Transforming growth factorβ
Rest 1.15(1.00-1.34)* 0.81(0.59-1.11) 2.62(2.09-3.27)ƚ 1.21(0.83-1.76)
Continuous 0.86(0.70-1.05) 0.67(0.46-0.98)* 1.79(1.22-2.64)ƚ 0.80(0.56-1.16)
100 cycles 0.90(0.73-1.10) 0.93(0.60-1.55) 3.33(2.93-3.79)ƚ 1.20(0.89-1.63)
1000 cycles 1.20(1.03-1.40)* 0.66(0.49-0.89)ƚ 1.43(1.03-1.99)* 0.83(0.50-1.38)
  1. The data is displayed as the back transformed mean difference of experimental group minus control group (confidence interval of difference). Values > 1 depict larger values for the experimental group compared to the unstimulated control cultures. The *indicates a significant difference of p < 0.05, the ƚ indicates significant difference of p < 0.01. The back transformed means (CI) are not equivalent to means of the original variable due to mathematical twisting [27].