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Table 2 Total counts of patients grouped according to the intraoperative CD consistency and the according sound extinction

From: Preoperative planning of calcium deposit removal in calcifying tendinitis of the rotator cuff - possible contribution of computed tomography, ultrasound and conventional X-Ray

US   Soft/Liquid (n) Solid (n)   
TP No Sound Extinction (n) 22 4 26 PPV Soft/Liquid/NPVSolid 84.6
TN Sound Extinction (n) 19 106 125 PPV Solid/NPVSoft/Liquid 84.8
   41 110 151  
  Specifity 96.4 53.7   
  Sensitivity 53.7 96.4   
  1. Specifity and sensitivity to diagnose a soft or solid deposit and positive (PPV and negative (NPV) predictive value of the USs have been calculated.