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Table 2 Entries in the Norwegian Patient Registry (NPR) defined by NOMESCO procedure codes alone without concurrent ICD-codes for hip fracture, numerical summation of subsample

From: The incidence of hip fractures in Norway –accuracy of the national Norwegian patient registry

Subgroup defined by NOMESCO coding alone Number
Validated reason for hospital stay (n = 329)  
Coxarthrosis 297
Not identifyable 7
Traumatic necrosis of femoral head 4
Hip fracture not coded with ICD, miscoded 4
Removal of osteosynthesis material or reoperation due to failure 4
Lower leg fracture, miscoded 3
Distal femoral fracture 3
Knee replacement, miscoded 1
Humerus fracture, miscoded 1
Multi-trauma, no hip fracture, miscoded 1
Peri-prosthetic fracture 1
Outpatient control, no operation, miscoded 1
Epiphysiolosis 1
Chondrosarcoma operation with hip prothetics 1