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Figure 5

From: Does Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound treatment repair articular cartilage injury? A rabbit model study

Figure 5

Typical histological section after 3-months period. (Alcian blue stain x 100). (A) The Sham group: Intact osteochondral architecture was shown. The surface of cartilage layer is smooth and the arrangement of chondrocyte is well. (B) The without-LIPUS-treatment group: The cartilage layer was thin because of lack of superficial zone, intermediate zone and radial zone of cartilage layer. Irregular surface without proliferative layer was shown (arrow). (C) The with-LIPUS-treatment group: The layers of superficial zone, intermediate zone and radial zone were lost over the cartilage defect, instead of deposition of acellular tissue layer (arrow). SZ: superficial zone; IZ: intermediate zone; RZ: radial zone; CZ: calcification zone; SB: subchondral bone.

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