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Table 2 Linear Measurements (in millimeters) from radiographs* at 5 weeks of age to assess length ratios

From: The cn/cn dwarf mouse. Histomorphometric, ultrastructural, and radiographic study in mutants corresponding to human acromesomelic dysplasia Maroteaux type (AMDM)

  cn/cn cn/cn+ Measurements Mean length ratio
Iliac crest to distal tip of ischium 11.1 (11.0-11.3) 16.8 (16.3-17.2) 8 per group 0.66
Radius Length     0.53
Ulna Length     0.59
Comparable metacarpal/metatarsal bones and phalanges (forelimb and hindlimb)     0.67
  1. *measurements from radiographs accurate for determining length ratios but not actual lengths.