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Table 3 Data collection schedule

From: A comparative effectiveness trial of postoperative management for lumbar spine surgery: changing behavior through physical therapy (CBPT) study protocol

  Preoperative 6 Week 6 Month 12 Month
Patient Characteristics     
Age, Gender X    
Race/Ethnicity X    
Marital Status X    
Educational Level X    
Insurance Status X    
Height/Weight X    
Smoking Status X    
Working status X X X X
Medical History     
Pain Duration X    
Prior Spinal Surgery X    
Comorbidities X    
Current medications X X X X
Surgical Characteristics     
Type (fusion/no fusion) X    
Spinal Levels X    
Revision Surgery X    
Fear of Movement X X X X
Pain Self-Efficacy X X X X
Depressive Symptoms X X X X
Expectations X    
Satisfaction    X X
Disability X X X X
Pain X X X X
General Health X X X X
Physical Activity   X X X
Health Services     
Physical Therapy   X X X
Re-hospitalization   X X X
Additional Surgery   X X X