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Table 2 Summary of the education treatment by session

From: A comparative effectiveness trial of postoperative management for lumbar spine surgery: changing behavior through physical therapy (CBPT) study protocol

Topics Major content and activities
Session 1: Physical Therapy Review purpose of the program, conduct semi-structured patient interview, describe physical therapy, introduce benefits of physical therapy, describe different physical therapy techniques, and introduce different exercise programs.
Session 2: Promote Back Healing I Discuss importance of proper posture and transitions, describe proper sleeping positions, and introduce ways to promote healing.
Session 3: Promote Back Healing II Discuss importance of proper body mechanics, describe proper lifting techniques, and describe proper ergonomics at home and at work.
Session 4: Home Exercise Program Describe the importance of a home exercise program (HEP), discuss the goals of a HEP, introduce the components of a HEP, and discuss the benefits of a HEP.
Session 5: Prevent Future Injury Discuss ways to prevent reinjury, describe mechanisms of low back strain, and introduce ways to manage a low back strain.
Session 6: Staying Healthy Describe ways to stay healthy, discuss specific benefits of exercise and not smoking, and discuss ways to reduce stress, improve sleep, eat healthier, and conserve energy.