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Table 1 Timeline for physical therapy guideline

From: Clinical investigation for displaced proximal humeral fractures in the elderly: a randomized study of two surgical treatments: reverse total prosthetic replacement versus angular stable plate Philos (The DELPHI-trial)

Elements of physical therapy Reversed prothesis Philos
Group 1 Group 2
Anti edema elbow, hand, fingers Day 1 Day 1
Pendula exercises, passive assisted exercises in forward elevation, extension and abduction. Day 1 Day 1
Active assisted exercises, Stability exercises and positioning of the scapula Day 8 Day 5
Active assisted Internal + External Rotation 3 weeks Day 5
Active exercises. Functional exercises 6 weeks 3 weeks
Isometric resistance 8 weeks 4 weeks
Active strengthening exercises 8 weeks 6 weeks
Functional strengthening exercises and proprioceptive exercises-restore dynamic stability. 12 weeks 8 weeks