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Table 2 Tomihisa Koshino’s radiographic grading for osteoarthritic knees in a weightbearing position a

From: Levels of neuropeptide Y in synovial fluid relate to pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis

Stage Grade Standing x-ray
  0 Normal
Early stage 1 Bone sclerosis or osteophyte formation
Middle stage 2 Narrowing of joint space (≤3 mm)
3 Obliteration of joint space or subluxationb
Advanced stage 4 Defect of tibial plateau (<5 mm)
5 Defect of tibial plateau (≥5 mm)
  1. aAn anteroposterior and weight-bearing radiograph taken in a standing position was used for grading.
  2. b“Subluxation” indicates the condition in which the medial edge of the medial tibial plateau shows a lateral shift by more than 5 mm against the medial edge of articular surface of the medial femoral condyle without including osteophyte.