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Table 2 Summary of technical performance for 3 biomarkers assays

From: Type X collagen levels are elevated in serum from human osteoarthritis patients and associated with biomarkers of cartilage degradation and inflammation

  C-Col10 (pg/ml) hsCRP (μg/ml) C2M (pg/ml)
Assay specifications
Slope of standard curve 1.23 n. a. 0.96
IC50, pg/ml 363 n. a. 440
Intra-assay CV% 4.19 n. a. 3.95
Inter-assay CV% 13.18 <5 9.88
Lower limit of detection 24 n. a. n. a.
Quantifiable range 40-7300 0.2-10 30-1700
  1. C-Col10: C-terminus of ColX assay; C2M: MMP-derived collagen type II fragment assay; hsCRP: high sensitive CRP assay. n.a.: not available.