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Table 1 Movement tasks based on Gentile’s taxonomy of tasks[51]

From: Preventing functional loss during immobilization after osteoporotic wrist fractures in elderly patients: a randomized clinical trial

   Body stability
   No object manipulation Object manipulation
   dorsal extension lifting up weight (dorsal extension)
palmar flexion lifting up weight (palmar flexion)
ulnar-/radial abduction wiping a table with a cloth
supination/pronation handling of a bike lock/kitchen timer
No intertrial variability opening and closing hand (like grasping a cup) wringing out a towel
  thumb-finger-oppositions compressing a softball
finger-tapping sequence grasping a pen with little finger (e.g.) and thumb
  playing piano (simple 5-finger-scale)
Stationary environment    
   Dorsal extension against different resistances grasping, lifting, turning different cups (size, weight)
   Palmar flexion against different resistances catching different balls on a marple run (reaction)
Ulnar-/radial abduction against different resistances compressing softballs of different sizes/hardness
  Intertrial variability Supination/pronation against different resistances pulling a cloth across the table (ulnar/radial) against different resistances
   Swimming in turbulent water bowling/rolling a ball towards a partner
  playing ping-pong
    juggling with one hand