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Table 1 Search strategy in PubMed

From: Measurement of stiffness in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in low disease activity or remission: a systematic review

Search Topic Result (hits)
1. Construct Stiffness  
Key words stiffn* 32236
2. Population Adults with rheumatoid arthritis  
Mesh ((“Arthritis, Rheumatoid”[Mesh:NoExp] OR “Caplan’s Syndrome”[Mesh]) OR “Felty’s Syndrome”[Mesh]) OR “Rheumatoid Nodule”[Mesh]) 77.890
Key words (Arthriti*[tiab] OR rheuma*[tiab] OR caplan[tiab] OR felty[tiab]) 172.447
3. Instrument Patient reported outcome measures or instruments i.e. questionnaires, scales, subscales, indexes  
Key words (Questionnaire* OR scale OR instrument OR tool OR diary OR assessment OR self-report OR measure* OR PRO OR PROM) 3.428.574
4. Sensitive filter[18] 1 + 2 + 3 AND sensitive filter  
5. exclusion filter[18] 4 NOT exclusion filter  
  1. *This symbol is used to search for all terms that start with this word.
  2. Numbers 1 to 5 represent the different search blocks.