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Table 1 Topographic classification of patients included in the study

From: The effectiveness of combined bracing and exercise in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis based on SRS and SOSORT criteria: a prospective study

Type % Localization % Convexity % Type of curve
Single 53.42% Thoracic 16.44% Right 15.07% Typical
     Left 1.37% Atypical
   Thoraco-lumbar 21.92% Right 6.85% Atypical
     left 15.()7% Atypical
   Lumbar l5.07 Right 0.00% Atypical
     left 15.07% Typical
Double 43.84% Thoracic-Lumbar 20.55% Right-Left 19.18% Typical
     Left-Right 1.37% Atypical
   Thoracic Thoracolumbar 17.81% Right Left 12.33% Typical
     Left-Right 5.48% Atypical
   Double thoracic (proximal-distal) 5.48% Right-Left 1.37% Atypical
     Left-Right 4.11% Typical
Triple 2.74% Double Thoracic-Thoracolumbar 2.74% Left-Right-Left 2.74% Typical
     Right Left Right 0.00% Atypical
  1. For analysis’ purposes, patients were also classified in terms of typical and atypical curves, the first ones including thoracic right, thoracolumbar/lumbar left and Moe type, the second ones for the opposite convexities.