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Table 1 Questions used to classify physical activity at work and at leisure

From: Risk factors for knee replacement due to primary osteoarthritis, a population based, prospective cohort study of 315,495 individuals

Physical activity at work
Sedentary Predominantly sedentary, sitting (e.g. desk worker, watch maker, sitting assembly line worker (light goods))
Moderate Sitting or standing, some walking (e.g. cashier, general office worker, light tool and machinery worker, foreman)
Intermediate Walking, some handling of material (e.g. mailman, waiter, construction worker, heavy tool and machinery worker)
Intensive Heavy manual labor (e.g. forestry worker, dock worker, farm worker, ditch digger)
Physical activity at leisure
Sedentary Reading, watching television or other sedentary activities
Moderate Walking, bicycling or moving around in other ways at least 4 hours per week (including walking or cycling to place of work, Sunday walks etc.)
Intermediate Participation in recreational athletics, heavy garden work etc. (note: duration of activity at least 4 hours a week)
Intensive Participation in hard training or athletic competitions regularly and several times a week