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Table 1 Overview of variables in the randomised controlled trial (RCT) and in the cohort study, in which it is embedded

From: Shoulder function and work disability after decompression surgery for subacromial impingement syndrome: a randomised controlled trial of physiotherapy exercises and occupational medical assistance

Variable Time of data collection and population
  First orthopaedic contact Shortly before surgery Baseline 3 months 12 months 16 months 24/28 months
  Cohort Cohort RCT RCT RCT Cohort§ RCT/Cohort§
Job title x x x x x x  
Psychosocial working environment    x     
Work ability x x x x x x  
Work productivity and activity impairment     x x   
Work modifications     x    
Advice to stop working     x    
Job centre initiated workplace visits     x    
Compensation claims x   x     
Oxford Shoulder Score x x x x x x  
Shoulder pain intensity    x x x   
Duration of shoulder symptoms x x      
Global impression of change    x (since shortly before surgery) x (since baseline) x (since assessment at 3 months)   
Other musculoskeletal complaints   x x   x   
EQ-5D-3L* x x x x x x  
Use of analgesics   x x x x   
Non-surgical treatment   x (previous 3 months) x (since operation) x (previous 3 months) x (previous 3 months) x (previous 3 months)  
Expectations to surgery   x    x (fulfilment)   
Patient preferences    x     
Height, weight, handedness   x      
Smoking   x      
Physical activity   x x x x   
Fear avoidance beliefs    x x x   
Self efficacy    x     
Mental health   x x x x   
Satisfaction with SIP*     x    
Shoulder-related sickness absence     x    
Full return to own or other work with equal earnings      x x  
Shoulder examination and physical testing        
Constant Score    x x    
Range of motions    x x    
Jobe’s test    x x    
Painful arc test    x x    
Hawkins’ test    x x    
Scapular dyskinesis    x x    
Maximum oxygen uptake    x x    
Height, weight    x x    
Register data        
Number of weeks receiving health-related transfer incomes      x x x
  1. §At 16 and 28 months after first contact to a department of orthopaedic surgery, data is collected for the cohort except for patients in the RCT, for whom corresponding and more detailed data is collected at 12 and 24 months after RCT baseline. *Abbreviations are explained at the end of the paper.Regarding follow up occasions, please refer to Figure 1.