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Table 2 Storage ( k’ ) and loss ( k” ) stiffness, and their ratio, at 1 Hz and cartilage thickness

From: Viscoelastic properties of bovine knee joint articular cartilage: dependency on thickness and loading frequency

  n Thickness (mm) k’ (N/mm) k” (N/mm) k’/k”
mean SD mean SD mean SD mean SD
Femoral condyles 24 0.89A 0.26 923A 233 106A 28 9.0A 2.0
Patellar groove 17 1.32B 0.26 614B 215 69B 23 9.2A 2.5
Tibial plateau meniscus covered 31 1.10A,B 0.38 653B 223 80B 29 8.4A 2.0
Tibial plateau not meniscus covered 27 2.19C 0.67 304C 189 37C 23 8.2A 1.8
  1. The lettersA, B, C are used to indicate significant differences between the different regions; where a region does not share a letter they are significantly different (p < 0.05).
  2. n: number of samples tested from each region.