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Table 3 The effect of the comprehensive care pathway on fasting time, admission time and 30-day mortality

From: The development of a comprehensive multidisciplinary care pathway for patients with a hip fracture: design and results of a clinical trial

  Intervention group Control group Crude ratio   Adjusted ratioa  
     Ratio 95% CI P
Median fasting time, hours 9 17 0.53 0.66 0.60-0.73 <0.001b
Median admission time, days 7 11 0.64 0.79 0.70-0.88 <0.001b
30-day mortality,% 5 9 0.56 0.56 0.25-1.30 0.18c
  1. aAdjustment was made for age, gender, living condition and ASA classification.
  2. bRegression analysis (ANOVA), clogistic regression analysis.