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Table 1 The width of pronator quadratus and distances between pronator quadratus or fracture site to the distal radial edge

From: Clinical study of the Pronator Quadratus muscle: anatomical features and feasibility of Pronator-Sparing Surgery

  Mean (mm) Range (mm)
PQ width 37.2 30-49
PQ-lunate 16.2 12-19
PQ-scaphoid 17.6 11-29
Fracture-lunate 12.2 7.3-17
Fracture-scaphoid 13.2 9.4-18.8
  1. PQ: pronator quadratus; PQ-lunate:distance from pronator quadratus to lunate fossa; PQ-scaphoid: distance from pronator quadratus to scaphoid fossa; Fracture-lunate: distance from fracture site to lunate fossa; Fracture-scaphoid: distance from fracture site to scaphoid fossa.