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Table 5 Factor analysis loadings

From: The Italian version of the Physical Therapy Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire - [PTPSQ-I(15)]: psychometric properties in a sample of inpatients

Item Description 1-Factor 2-Factors
Factor1 Factor1 Factor2
Q09 All other staff members were courteous. 0.851 0.941 0.088
Q19 My physical therapist understood my problem or condition. 0.831 0.891 0.132
Q12 My first visit for physical therapy was scheduled quickly. 0.794 0.851 0.126
Q23 I would return to this facility if I required physical therapy care in the future. 0.891 0.801 0.397
Q08 My physical therapist was courteous. 0.875 0.770 0.417
Q21 I was satisfied with the overall quality of my physical therapy care. 0.896 0.766 0.465
Q10 The clinic scheduled appointments at convenient times. 0.905 0.754 0.502
Q07 My privacy was respected during my physical therapy care. 0.868 0.750 0.436
Q20 The instructions my physical therapist gave me were helpful. 0.857 0.729 0.451
Q22 I would recommend this facility to family or friends. 0.794 0.699 0.378
Q13 It was easy to schedule visits after my first appointment. 0.860 0.668 0.559
Q26 Overall, I was satisfied with my experience with physical therapy. 0.762 0.649 0.399
Q14 I was seen promptly when I arrived for treatment. 0.677 0.251 0.894
Q11 I was satisfied with the treatment provided by my physical therapist. 0.573 0.150 0.860
Q15 The location of the facility was convenient for me. 0.291 0.132 0.345
  1. Factor analysis loadings: model with 1 factor and with 2 factors respectively (extraction method: Principal Components; rotation method = varimax). The numbers in bold indicate high correlations and in italics indicate moderate correlations.