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Table 2 Summary of outcome measures to be collected in the trial with time-points

From: The efficacy of tourniquet assisted total knee arthroplasty on patient-reported and performance-based physical function: a randomized controlled trial protocol

Primary outcome Data collection instrument (unit) Collection time-point
   Baseline Post (days) Post (months)
Function in daily living KOOS Pre 14 3,6,12
Secondary outcome     
KOOS - 4 subscales     
 Pain KOOS Pre 14 3,6,12
 Symptoms KOOS Pre 14 3,6,12
 Sport and recreation KOOS Pre 14 3,6,12
 Quality of life KOOS Pre 14 3,6,12
 Global perceived effect GPE    3,6,12
Bilateral physical Performance     
 Knee range of motion (KneeROM) Goniometer (°) Pre 3,14 3,6
 30-s chair-stand test (30s CRT) (Number) Pre 3,14 3,6
 20-m self- and fast-paced walk test (20mWT) Stopwatch (s) Pre 3,14 3,6
 Timed up-and-go test (TUG) Stopwatch (s) Pre 3,14 3,6
Explorative outcomes     
Mechanical muscle function     
 Maximal isometric knee strength (iMVC) Strain-gauge (Nm) Pre   3,6
 Dynamic leg extension power (W) Pre   3,6
 Rate of force development (RFD) (Nm/sec) Pre   3,6
 Surface electromyography (EMG) Myon (mV) Pre   3,6
 Force steadiness (Nm) Pre   3,6
Unilateral physical performance     
 30-s single-leg knee bending (30s-KneeBend) (Number) Pre   3,6
 Self-reported use of pain medication (Quantity) Pre 1-14  
 Self-reported pain (VAS) VAS Pre 1-14  
 Muscle biopsy   Prior to applying and removal of the tourniquet