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Table 6 Discharge criteria and review frequency for patients reviewed in the immediate post-operative and continuing rehabilitation phases after total hip replacement surgery according to physiotherapists surveyed in the UK

From: What does standard rehabilitation practice after total hip replacement in the UK entail? results of a mixed methods study

Phase of rehabilitation Discharge criteria (% of responses) Number of times patients seen (% of responses)
Immediate post-operative (n = 106 physiotherapists)   
  Stable on walking aid (85.8%) In a day:
Compliant with exercises (57.2%) Once (36.6%)
Independent with activities of daily living (66%) Twice (52.5%)
Thrice (2%)
Continuing rehabilitation (n = 48 respondents involved in this phase)   
  Stable on walking aid (33.3%) Total number of sessions
Compliant with exercises (25%) patients seen in total:
Independent with activities of daily living (41.7%) Once (24.7%)
Twice (13.5%)
Thrice (20.2%)
Four times (20.2%)
Five times (9%)
>Five times (12.4%)