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Table 1 Relative frequency (%) of second level ICF categories linked to the concepts contained in the measures for the ICF component body functions and structures (n= 2469) in ranked order

From: A systematic review of measures of shoulder pain and functioning using the International classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF)

ICF second level categories (n=11) (%)
b280 Sensation of pain 47,3
b710 Mobility of joint functions 34,7
s720 structure of shoulder region 24.9
b730 Muscle power functions 24,2
b134 Sleep functions 17,5
b715 Stability of joint functions 7,1
b152 Emotional functions 6,3
b780 Sensations related to muscles and movement functions 3,3
b130 Energy and drive functions 3,1
b265 Touch function 2,3
b720 Mobility of bone functions 2,1