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Figure 2

From: Hyaluronic acid affects the in vitro induction effects of Synthetic PAMPS and PDMAAm hydrogels on chondrogenic differentiation of ATDC5 cells, depending on the level of concentration

Figure 2

PCR analyses concerning the effects of the PAMPS and PDMAAm gel surfaces on ATDC5 cells cultured in the maintenance medium. Each bar shows the mean and the standard deviation from 6 samples. Expression of type-2 collagen (Col-2) and aggrecan genes was significantly greater on the PAMPS and PDMAAm gels than on the polystyrene surface (“PS w/o insulin” shown in the graph), and the former expression levels were comparable to the levels of the cells cultured on the polystyrene surface in the differentiation medium with insulin (“PS w/ insulin” shown in the graph).

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