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Table 1 Participant details

From: Illness perceptions in the context of differing work participation outcomes: exploring the influence of significant others in persistent back pain

Name of patient (Pseudonym) Name of significant other (Pseudonym) Relationship to patient Patient employment status Years in education (patient) Years in education (significant other) Significant other occupation Duration of patient back pain
Sarah Harry Spouse Out of work (previously supermarket checkout assistant) Left at 16 Left at 16 Engineer 11 years
Mick Belinda Spouse Out of work (previously bus driver) Left at 16 Left at 16 Unemployed (stopped work to care for patient) 18 months
Elizabeth Frank Spouse Out of work (previously school cleaner) Left at 16 Left at 16 Retired 3 years
Hannah Gary Spouse Out of work (previously clerical worker) Left at 16 Left at 16 Council worker (manual) 5 years
Sam Tess Spouse Employed (Manager) Degree Doctoral Doctor 11 years
Rob Vikki Spouse Employed (Manager) Degree Professional qualification Management consultant 10 years
Sally Will Son Employed (volunteer service) Left at 16 Left at 16 Property developer 26 years
Elena David Spouse Employed (Training consultant) Degree Degree and professional qualification Teacher 3 years
Ruth Brian Son Employed (Social worker) Professional qualification NVQ Plumber 3 years