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Table 1 Summary of the cases: patients gender and age (at the time of the primary operation) implant sizes, operation site, time to revision (F: female; M: male)

From: Histological, histomorphometric and microtomographic analyses of retrieval hip resurfacing arthroplasty failed at different times

Group Time to Revision Age/Gender Implant Notching Cup inclination Stem Neck angle Side
Group 1 3 weeks 70/M 46- mm head −52-mm cup Present 54° Left
2 month 60/F 46-mm head, 52-mm cup Present 52° Right
5 month 50/F 44- mm head −50-mm cup Present 47° Right
Group 2 14 month 69/F 42- mm head −52-mm cup Absent 45° Right
36 month 47/F 46- mm head −52-mm cup Absent 46° Right
36 month 44/F 42--mm head-48-mm cup Absent 67° Right
Group 3 4 years 53/M 50- mm head −56-mm cup Absent 52° Left
7 years 50/F 42- mm head −48-mm cup Absent 60° Left
  8 years 51/F 46- mm head −52-mm cup Absent 54° 10° Left