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Table 1 Summary of the patient profiles and subsequent management with outcomes

From: Application of Ni-Ti Alloy connector for the treatment of comminuted coronal plane supracondylar-condylar femoral fractures: a retrospective review of 21 patients

No. Age/sex Mechanism of injury Associated injuries Modality of internal fixation for distal fumoral fractures Knee ROM (in degrees) Knee Society scores
1 31/F fall / ASC×3&PTCS×2(6.5 mm) 0-100 83/good
2 38/M Traffic accident Tibial plateau fracture/medial meniscus tears ASC×3&PTCS×1(6.5 mm) 5-100 79/good
3 39/M Traffic accident / ASC×2&PTCS×2(4.5 mm) 0-120 88/excelent
4 32/M fall Calcaneus and patellar fracture / MCL injury ASC×3&PTCS×2(6.5 mm) 0-105 90/excelent
5 34/M fall / ASC×2&PTCS×1(4.5 mm) 5-95 84/good
6 35/M fall / ASC×2&PTCS×1(6.5 mm) 0-105 82/good
7 44/M Traffic accident Tibial plateau fracture/MCL injury/ medial meniscus tears ASC×3&PTCS×2(4.5 mm) 0-115 92/excelent
8 28/F Traffic accident Patellar fracture ASC×2&PTCS×2(6.5 mm) 0-95 88/excelent
9 22/M Traffic accident MCL injury ASC×2&PTCS×1(6.5 mm) 0-110 93/excelent
10 33/M Traffic accident medial meniscus tears/MCL injury ASC×3&PTCS×2(4.5 mm) 0-90 65/fair
11 39/M fall / ASC×2&PTCS×2(4.5 mm) 0-95 90/excelent
12 32/F Traffic accident Patellar fracture ASC×3&PTCS×2(6.5 mm) 0-90 80/good
13 30/M Traffic accident / ASC×2&PTCS×1(6.5 mm) 0-85 68/fair
14 43/F Traffic accident / ASC×3&PTCS×2(4.5 mm) 5-115 90/excelent
15 29/M Traffic accident / ASC×2&PTCS×1(6.5 mm) 0-105 84/good
16 30/M Traffic accident MCL injury ASC×3&PTCS×2(4.5 mm) 5-95 82/good
17 38/M Traffic accident Patellar fracture ASC×2&PTCS×1(6.5 mm) 5-110 82/good
18 34/M fall / ASC×3&PTCS×2(6.5 mm) 5-100 78/good
19 38/F fall Patellar fracture ASC×3&PTCS×2(6.5 mm) 0-100 84/good
20 34/M Traffic accident / ASC×3&PTCS×2(6.5 mm) 5-115 92/excelent
21 33/M Traffic accident / ASC×3&PTCS×2(4.5 mm) 5-110 82/good
  1. ROM: range of motion, ASC: Ni-Ti arched shape-memory connector, PTCS: partially threaded cancellous screws.