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Table 2 Patient outcome measures and timelines

From: The effectiveness of a stratified group intervention using the STarTBack screening tool in patients with LBP - a non randomised controlled trial

  Domain Outcome measures Time-points
  Demographics Age, gender, duration of LBP, employment status, educational attainment, medico-legal status 0
Primary Back pain disability Roland and Morris Disability Questionnaire 0,3,6
Secondary Pain Visual analogue scale 0,3,6
  Distress Distress and Risk Assessment Method 0,3,6
  Beliefs Back Beliefs Questionnaire 0,3,6
  Preference based health utility EQ-5D 0,3,6
  Global perceived benefit Compared to symptoms at baseline (7 point likert scale) 0,3,6
  Satisfaction scale Satisfaction with care received (7 point likert scale) 0,3,6
  Objective spinal mobility Range of motion T-12 & S1 0,3
  Objective physical function Simmond’s Tests: 0,3
sit-stand, forward reach, 50-foot walk test