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Table 4 Comparison of the previous RCT studies using tranexamic acid (TXA) as a single intra-articular agent with this study

From: Efficacy of low-dose intra-articular tranexamic acid in total knee replacement; a prospective triple-blinded randomized controlled trial

Studies TXA dosage (g) Bone cutting guide Prosthesis Technique used DBL THL CTBL BT
      Early❖ Total    
Wong (2010) [12] 1.5 & 3.0 IM Triathlon, Genesis II 5 min T.A., no drain n/a n/a Sig Sig NS
Maniar (2012) [7] 3.0 EM PFC Σ 5 min T.A., clamp drain♯ 2 hr then fully open Sig NS n/a Sig NS
Ishida (2011) [6] 2.0 IM Advance, Nexgen, Scorpio, Vanguard, PFC Σ IA, clamp drain 30 min then gradually open Sig NS Sig Sig NS
Seo (2012) [11] 1.5 EM Scorpio IA, with non-clamp drain n/a Sig Sig n/a Sig
Roy (2012) [10] 0.5 IM Scorpio IA, clamp drain 1 hr then fully open Sig Sig Sig n/a Sig
Sa-ngasoongsong (2011) [9] 0.25 EM LCS, PFC Σ IA, clamp drain 2 hr then fully open Sig Sig Sig Sig Sig
This study 0.25, 0.5 IM Nexgen IA, clamp drain 2 hr then fully open Sig. N-S Sig. Sig. Sig
  1. TXA; Tranexamic Acid, DBL; drainage blood loss, ❖; accumulated DBL in early period (6-24 hours after surgery).
  2. THL; total hemoglobin loss, CTBL; calculated total blood loss, BT; blood transfusion.
  3. IM; intramedullary femoral cutting guide, EM; extramedullary femoral cutting guide.
  4. T.A; Topical application, IA; intra-articlar, min; minute, hr; hour, ♯; intra-articular drain.
  5. n/a; not available, Sig; significant reduction compared with control group, NS; non-significant difference compared with control group.