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Table 2 Foot deformities and treatment

From: Orthopaedic Disorders in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1: descriptive clinical study of 21 patients

Patient Deformity right foot Treatment Deformity left foot Treatment
1 Pes cavovarus O Pes cavovarus O
   A (7 years)   A, T, S (7 years)
   A, T (12 years)   
2 No deformity   No deformity  
3 Pes planovalgus et adductus O, L Club foot O, L
4 Lost dorsiflexion L Lost dorsiflexion L
5 Lost dorsiflexion, hallux valgus, claw toes II, III   Lost dorsiflexion, hallux valgus, claw toes II, III  
6 Pes cavovarus I Pes cavovarus I
A, TS, P (12 years) A, T, S, P (11 years)
7 Pes planivalgus O Pes planovalgus O
8 Pes cavus L Pes cavus L
9 Club foot, hallux valgus O, L Club foot, hallux valgus O, L
   A, E (2 years)   A, E (2years)
   A, R (13 years)   A, R (13years)
10 Pes cavus   Pes cavus  
11 Pes equinus A (6years) Pes equinus A (6years)
12 Pes equinus O,L Pes equinus O.L
   A, S, E (1 year)   A, S, E (1year)
   A, R (3 years)   
13 Pes planovalgus I,L Pes planovalgus I,L
14 Pes equinus I Pes equinus I
15 Pes equinus et cavus claw toes IV,V O,L Pes equinus et cavus claw toes IV,V O,L
   A (1 year)   A (1 year)
   A, T, S (3years)   A, T, S (3years)
16 Lost dorsifelxion I Pes equinus I
17 Pes planovalgus L Pes planovalgus, lost dorsifelxion L
18 Club foot, claw toes II-V I Club foot, claw toes toes II-V I
   A, T (18 years)   A, T (18years)
19 Pes equinus L Pes equinus L
   A, P, E (1 year)   A, P, E (1 year)
20 Limited dorsiflexion (5°)   Limited dorsiflexion (5°)  
21 Pes varus, lost dorsifelxion   Pes varus, lost dorsifelxion  
  1. Conservative treatment:
  2. O Orthopaedic custom-made shoes.
  3. L Lower leg orthoses.
  4. I Orthopaedic insoles.
  5. Surgical procedures.
  6. A Achillotenotomy.
  7. T Transfer of the tibialis posterior muscle to os cuneiforme laterale.
  8. S Splitting of the plantar fascia.
  9. P Transfer of peroneus longus muscle to peroneus brevis muscle.
  10. E Lengthening of the flexor hallucis longus muscle.
  11. R Release of the ankle joints’ dorsal capsule.