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Table 2 Tests list

From: The PICO project: aquatic exercise for knee osteoarthritis in overweight and obese individuals

ASSESSMENT (TEST) Screening Baseline 3 months
Interview x   
KOPS x   x
Knee X-ray (lateral and antero-posterior) x   
KOA symptoms and quality of life (Self-reported questionnaires)    
Pain assessment (Brief pain inventory)   x x
Knee osteoarthritis associated quality of life (KOOS)   x x
MOS (SF-12v2)   x x
Depression assessment (Beck depression inventory)   x x
Weight and lifestyle inventory   x x
Physical function and gait    
Aerobic capacity (6MWT)   x x
Strength   x x
Functional (FRSTS)   x x
Knee (BIODEX dynamometer)   x x
Hand (grip dynamometer)   x x
Flexibility (CRS and BS tests)   x x
Gait Analysis (Kinematics and kinetics)   x x
Morphology and body composition   
Morphological measures (Anthropometry)   x x
Body composition (DXA scan)   x x
Life style    
Physical activity level (IPAQ)   x x
Inflammation biomarkers    
Cytokines (blood drawn)   x x