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Figure 8

From: The interaction of force and repetition on musculoskeletal and neural tissue responses and sensorimotor behavior in a rat model of work-related musculoskeletal disorders

Figure 8

Cartilage responses, assayed using histomorphometry and ELISA, after performance of either a LRLF, HRLF, LRHF and HRHF task for 12 weeks. (A) Summated Mankin score results, a histopathological scoring system used to assay changes in the distal radial articular cartilage. (B) Representative photos of the distal radial articular cartilage showing a pathological loss of Safranin O (pink) staining, tidemark changes (arrows), and presence of a subchondral cyst (asterisk) in a 12-week HRHF rat; changes absent in a FRC rat (left part of panel). This region was used to generate the data shown in panel E. (C) Serum levels of C1,2C, assayed using ELISA. Symbols: aa: p < 0.01, compared to LRLF rats; bb: p < 0.01, compared to HRLF rats; dd: p < 0.01, compared to HRHF rats; **: p < 0.01, compared to food restricted control (FRC) rats (mean FRC values are indicated by dashed line). Mean and SEM are shown. Scale bar = 50 micrometer.

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