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Table 2 Unit costs (Euros) according to treatment type

From: Use of resources and costs associated with the treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture at an orthopedics and traumatology surgery department in Denia (Spain): collagenase clostridium hystolyticum versus subtotal fasciectomy

Variable CCH FSC
Pre-operative   66.02
Anesthesia consultation   59.02
First OTS visit 56.03 56.03
Costs associated with surgery/treatment 748.51 904.05
2 Surgeons   229.34
1 Anesthetist   134.15
Non-staff personnel, field and circulating   180.62
Support personnel (assistants)   8.38
Specific surgical materials   327.47
Pharmacy   24,09
Mini-operating room (surgeon + nurse)* 22.21  
Injection and dressing materials 1.30  
Collagenase clostridium histolyticum (Xiapex®) 725  
Hospitalization   267.48
Major ambulatory surgery (MAS)   121.32
Minor ambulatory surgery 77.28  
Subsequent OTS visits (average, mean cost) 1.23; 51.68 1.98; 83.20
Hospital care (average, mean cost) 0.74; 19.02 2.00; 51.42
Rehabilitation (frequency, number of sessions, mean cost)   29%; 18.4; 473.83
  1. OTS: Orthopedics and Traumatology Surgery, MAS: Major Ambulatory Surgery.
  2. *Subjective cost of one working day of 6 hours for two consecutive days by one surgeon, resulting in €16.21 per patient. The same scale is applied to a single nurse present in the mini-operating room with a cost of €6.00 per patient without any assistants.