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Figure 2

From: Prevalence of MRI-detected mediopatellar plica in subjects with knee pain and the association with MRI-detected patellofemoral cartilage damage and bone marrow lesions: data from the Joints On Glucosamine study

Figure 2

Schema of measured patellar alignment indices. (A) The sagittal slice referring to the middle of medial patellar facet: patellar length (PL, white broken line), patellar tendon length (TL, black line) and patellar length ratio (PLR = PL/TL) were measured; (B) On the axial slice at the level of superior 1/3 of trochlea, sulcus angle (SA) was measured; (C) and (D) On the specific axial slice that was defined by the bisecting line between the superior and inferior osseous patellar pole, lateral patellar tilt angle (LPTA) and bisect offset (BO = a*100/(a + b)) were measured.

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