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Table 1 AViKA study inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: The AViKA (Adding Value in Knee Arthroplasty) postoperative care navigation trial: rationale and design features

Inclusion Criteria: Exclusion Criteria:
▪ Scheduled to undergo primary TKA at BWH ▪ Osteoarthritis is not the underlying diagnosis (e.g. inflammatory arthritis)
▪ Osteoarthritis is the principal underlying diagnosis ▪ Psychological issues that preclude participation, as identified by participating surgeons
▪ Age ≥ 40 years at the projected date of TKA ▪ Dementia
▪ English-speaking  
  ▪ Non-English speaker
  ▪ Age < 40 at the projected date of TKA
  ▪ Lives in a nursing home (difficult to track costs)
  ▪ Implantation of unicompartmental knee arthroplasty or interpositional arthroplasty (different clinical features and different costs)
  ▪ Bilateral TKA (simultaneous, staged or planned within 6 months)